Baby Grand Studio Inc. is a New York based digital imaging boutique focused on high quality service.

Founded by Lorenzo Irico in 2010 it capitalized on the successful history of Pixelway NYC Inc.

one of the leading retouching studios of the early 2000's.


Our mission is to closely follow our selected clientele of photographers, art directors, and artists with

maximum resources in order to achieve the completion of even the most creatively daring and original vision.


The extensive client portfolio includes all the major fashion periodicals as well as most of the leading advertising agencies and brands in the US and Europe.


We offer photo retouch, video post production, and visual content creation at the highest standard with the ease of a complete customized service and the aid of the unparalleled experience of our resident staff in the visual communication field.

Baby Grand Studio Inc.

330w 38th street, #1203

New York, NY 10018

212 352 8771

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